Fury – The Official Movie Trailer

Debut trailer release of the new David Ayer movie, Fury, Starring Brad Pitt.

We’ve have been waiting patiently over the past few months for this trailer at Bleepbox HQ, and the first debut doesn’t disappoint. We’ve been excited to see a new war movie on the horizon after so long, especially one that can boast a cast of Brad Pitt, Jon Bernthal, Michael Pena and Shia LaBeouf – and Director, David Ayer, of Training Day.

Sergeant Wardaddy, a veteran in the African campaigns, is tasked again to punch a hole through the decaying Nazi Regime as he makes his final push across European soil.  Laden with a rookie straight out of boot camp, the team of five have to surmount the impossible in their over populated Sherman, Fury. The trailer depicts a scent of Saving Private Ryan, where a few are called up to do the infeasible, and to its credit shows a tell-tale glimpse of how claustrophobic that ordeal must have been – I don’t think any of us would have liked to take a dump in an empty shell case because we were too scared to step outside the tank. But I do fear that the story may be the same old fable; a rookie, companioned with a veteran, to undertake an impossible mission.

We’ll have to wait and see.

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