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Giving The Finger to Wearable Tech

The Fin ring is the first of its kind in the wearable tech department. A device designed to turn segments of your fingers into hotkeys for all your devices.

The Fin ring is unique in what it has to offer our tech filled lives. Worn on the thumb, the ring turns the whole human hand into an interactive interface for controlling any Bluetooth enabled device. By using hand gestures the wearer will be able to take command with just a few simple swipes and taps upon the palm of the hand. For instance, you could adjust the phone’s volume by simply rolling your thumb up and down you index finger or swipe it across the palm of your hand to skip the track altogether.

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It will be interesting to see if this sort of wearable tech will take off in a big way. You can definitely see its applications in our modern day lives – But I can only hope they take it to the next level and make me feel like I actually have magical powers.

The crowd-funded project from Fin Robotics Inc. has seen itself raise the $100,000 initial capital it needed, and has surpassed its goal wrapping up with a $202,547 pledge. Fin is expected to be released in the beginning of 2015.

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