One Day This Robot May Be Fetching You a Beer

Meet Jimmy. Intel has announced it will be releasing a completely customisable 3D printed robot later this year. Their plan is to allow anyone to be able to build a custom robot for less than $1000 within the next 5 years.

Fancy taking your hand to a bit of robotics, then this might just be the answer. Intel’s futurist Brian David Johnson introduced Jimmy during the Re/Code Tech Conference on Wednesday, where Jimmy walked, talked, danced and even tweeted.

You will need access to a 3D printer however. And if you wish for the more hefty research version, equipped with the Intel Core i5 processor, this will cost closer to $16,000. All the designs are expected to be freely available on the website, including all the non-printable parts like the motors, battery, wires and processor etc.

What is quite exciting is that the robot is open-source. Anyone will be allowed to modify, tweak and develop their own apps that users can then download from an app like marketplace. As more and more budding roboticists are able to liberate Jimmy’s potential, this little robot humanoid may be able to not just dance and talk, but play a game of chess or even the ultimate goal – “Jimmy, can you go fetch me a beer please?”

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