Zano the Nano Drone

A UK based company, in Wales, have developed one of the first Nano Drones that houses a 5 megapixel HD video camera. The Drone weighs in at a mere 55g (1.94oz) and carries some of the most sophisticated flyware you can imagine; including built-in audio, MicroSD Card and all controlled from your phone.

The Zano comes in at a meagre 6.5cm x 6.5cm (2.5″ x 2.5″), making it the smallest of its kind with a 1080p wide lens. But what makes this drone quite special is the level of intelligence they’ve been able to pack into that tiny 32bit processor – the thing doesn’t just fly, it makes tactical manoeuvres. The onboard echo sounding sonar and high resolution air pressure sensor for altitude control, means this thing can stay out of harms way and make sure it doesn’t find itself in any distress whilst airborne.. I mean you can literally play air-tennis with this thing..

So this Kickstarter is one of the few success stories in production, and can be pre-ordered now – but we haven’t really talked about any of the downsides. The team have done an amazing job with this gadget; the developer API is built, the customer account section is built, the App and the servers are up and running, so where’s the catch.. And the only one that is apparent is the battery life, it has about 10 minutes flight time on a single battery, which means you’ll have to invest in a battery multi-pack to make sure you have an uninterrupted shoot.

Zano: £239.94
Re-charger: £36.00
5 Pack Batteries: £30.00

Link: Zano Shop

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