7 Glitches that made the Game

Every games’ got them. But we don’t mind, it only adds a level of humour no one would have been able to do. Here are our choices of some of the funniest, coolest and weirdest glitches in gaming.

Starting it off with an absolute classic to come to PS3 and Xbox 360, Red Dead redemption took an original approach to the GTA – do whatever feels good – open world. Set in the Wild West, you trade in your Infernus sports car for something that is fuelled by hay.


This terrifying glitch came about when the developers apparently forgot to give Dr. Watson any walking animation. Instead he edges ever closer when you’re not looking, more like the girl out of the ring than a trusty partner in crime. What ensues is a completely different outcome to what the game had in mind.

This game comes with so many to choose from it’s hard to pin one down as the best. From being launched into outer space by a giant.. well Giant, flying on a horse – or simply coming across a trusty ally having a complete body-seizure meltdown. But only the internet could produce something as good as this.

Located on the Seige of Shanghai map lies a little gem, right in the middle of the map is a magic elevator. But this doesn’t just teleport men into the rarefied atmosphere – it also sends Tanks!


One of the most famous glitches can be found on the shoreline of the Cinnabar Island. After speaking with the old man in the north of the Viridian City and answering “No” to “Are you in a hurry?”, make your way to Cinnabar Island and troll the coast line. Once you have caught one, expect the 6th item slot to be corrupt and it to mess up the Hall of Fame – But least you can say you caught them all..

I’ve always found this game to be crazy bizarre, ever since I was able to make my first born marry my second (ex)wife, have his children, and then have his child marry my firsts Wife’s Daughter. I know, I know, what does that say about me, right – Well don’t put me at the head of a family sounds like a good start. But surprisingly, all the children came out fine, despite the dodgy related ties – I wish I could say the same for everyone, some newborns weren’t so lucky.

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