Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

With the launch of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, each version has improved with each release. If you’re a Samsung fan, it will be a no brainer as the prime choice for your next upgrade. If you’re like me and are open to all brands of smartphones, why choose the Samsung S6 as your primary gadget for all life’s tasks? Margues Brownlee is here to explain everything you’ll need to know.

Margues Brownlee is by far one of the best tech reviewers’ on Youtube to date. His informative videos spell out everything you would want to know about any new bit of tech on the market.

I find myself coming back again and again to his Channel, even if I don’t particularly have a huge interest in the gadget he is talking about – the way all his content is created gives a clean, pleasant view that makes you want to carry on watching. A definite Youtube channel that is worth a Subscribe!

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