Kinect Hack Morphs Sandbox into a Tropical Wonderland

There has been some awesome Microsoft Kinect hacks since its release in late 2010, and Shang Hun Heo and his team are one of them.

Whenever I played in the sandbox as a young kid I would love to create gullies, hills, castles and volcanoes in the sand. I remember pretending a wonderful imaginary world of creatures and inhabitants governed by the landscape they found themselves in. Shang Hun Heo and his team at the Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea have taken this very tactile activity and put a whole new interactive sense to our Sandboxes.


They have been such a success many others have followed suit and created their own versions. Researchers at UC Davies have applied the same methodology, using a digital projector to display a topographic interactive map and a Kinect to navigate the moldable landscape. They have even started using them to teach kids about geography and how the world around us is formed.

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